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7. How can I use the AHPO network most effectively?

  1. Refer to the AHPO Provider Directory on this web site or the printed directory supplied by your employer when selecting a provider.
  2. When making an appointment, verify that the provider is an AHPO participating provider.
  3. At the time of your appointment, always show your medical plan card, which identifies you as an AHPO participant.
  4. If your physician refers you for services from another physician, provider or at a hospital, consult the AHPO Provider Directory or call 866.744.5152 to identify AHPO Providers for the referral.
  5. Choose a doctor, hospital or treatment center from the listing of providers in this directory. If you need assistance finding a healthcare provider in your area, please call the Emerald Service Center at (216)479-2040 or toll free at 1-800-3461-3141.
  6. When you call the doctor for an appointment, verify his/her status as an EHN provider and be sure to say that you are an EHN member. Give the ID number listed on your card; it is important to mention this number to make sure that your benefits are not delayed. IT IS THE MEMBER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO VERIFY THAT THE PROVIDER IS NETWORK BEFORE THE APPOINTMENT IS MADE. PLEASE CALL THE EMERALD SERVICE CENTER AT (216) 479-2040 OR TOLL FREE AT 1-800-346-3141 IF YOU NEED TO VERIFY THE PHYISICIAN'S STATUS.
  7. When you arrive for your appointment, show your ID card to the receptionist
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