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AHPO Partnership Advantages

Each of the partners in this unique program benefit from the commitment to provide quality, cost-effective health services. Following are just a few examples of the AHPO advantages.

 As a participating EMPLOYER, you…

  • Maintain your own benefit plan design, unique from other members of THE ALLIANCE. The only requirement is that your plan design includes an incentive (minimum coinsurance differential of 10 percentage points) for employees and dependents to receive medical services from AHPO participating providers.
  • Receive 100% of the savings offered by AHPO participating providers…because there is no insurance company or HMO to retain any of the savings.
  • Control your corporate health care costs, while offering quality benefits and a broad provider network, resulting in a high level of employee satisfaction.

As an EMPLOYEE participating in the AHPO through your employer-sponsored plan, you…

  • Enjoy freedom of choice to select the hospitals and physicians you want to use. Unless otherwise structured by your employer, there is no primary care gatekeeper that you must see before going to a specialist. In addition to the AHPO providers, you have access to EHN's comprehensive network throughout Ohio. Most of the plans sponsored by AHPO employers also permit access to providers outside the AHPO and EHN network, although benefits are higher when you receive care from an AHPO health care professional.
  • Share in the savings achieved by seeking care from in-network hospitals, physicians and ancillary providers. In addition to receiving a higher level of benefits, your coinsurance is based on AHPO providers' discounted fees, rather than billed charges.
  • Receive the highest level of customer service, including courteous, professional assistance through our toll-free customer service line and 24-hour access to AHPO's on-line provider directory.

As an AHPO participating PROVIDER, you…

  • Benefit from quality employer-sponsored plans that provide effective incentives for patients to receive medical care from AHPO participating hospitals, physicians and ancillary providers.
  • Enjoy prompt, accurate claims payment.
  • Receive the attention of courteous, professional provider relations personnel.
Accountable Health Plan of Ohio (AHPO)
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