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Partnering to Provide Quality, Cost-Effective Health Care

The Accountable Health Plan of Ohio (AHPO) is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) that has been serving self-funded and partially self-funded employers in Central and South Central Ohio since 1994. The AHPO is a strong partnership between leading employers in the region and participating health care providers. The AHPO includes 20 hospitals, more than 5,000 physicians and an extensive network of ancillary medical providers. CLICK on "Provider Directory" to locate providers based on name, medical specialty or zip code.

A unique and advantageous feature of the AHPO is that the participating companies collectively own the PPO network. There is no insurance company or Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) to retain any portion of the savings generated by the competitive provider contracts. All discounts are fully realized by the participating companies and their employees. The participating companies are members of the Ohio Health Purchasing Alliance ("THE ALLIANCE"), a non-profit coalition. CLICK on "More About AHPO" and "Questions and Answers" to learn more about the unique advantages the AHPO provides to member companies, their employees and participating providers.

Backed by the strength of Emerald Health Network, one of Ohio's largest PPO networks, AHPO offers Columbus-based employers the benefits of a local network combined with the statewide presence of EHN. EHN is a wholly owned subsidiary of Interplan Health Group (IHG). Founded in 1984 with ideals of insight and innovation, IHG prides itself on anticipating change in the healthcare market, proactively serving members with innovative solutions in benefit design and cost containment. IHG's Midwest division now boasts Ohio's largest medical preferred provider organizations in terms of hospitals, number of physicians and total enrollment. IHG's statewide supremacy can be attributed to recent mergers and acquisitions, including The Chandler Group of Companies in 2004 and The Emerald Health Network in 2005. The Chandler Group's longstanding reputation of more than four decades as a leader in the Midwest healthcare market, combined with EHN's and AHPO's strong statewide presence in Ohio, have positioned IHG as a major player in regional healthcare.

Accountable Health Plan of Ohio (AHPO)
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